Jewelry Care

All 47 Suns jewelry is thoughtfully made to last a lifetime. Proper care will help maintain the appearance & longevity of your pieces. 

Here is a list that will help you to provide the right kind of care for your jewelry. 

Things to avoid: 

*Continuous exposure to water (i.e. showering/bathing/swimming), heat, steam & sun.

*Jewelry cleaners & solutions, chemical cleaners, bleach, ammonia & other similar products. 

Things to do: 

*Handle with care. Your jewelry is sturdy & well made but still requires love & care. Be mindful of your jewelry & it will last a lifetime.

*Store in a dry place &/or in a tarnish resistant bag. 

*Gently use a Sunshine Polishing Cloth to polish & brighten up your jewelry. Sterling silver & brass oxidize over time & this cloth will restore the original look of your piece. I also love Bar Keepers Friend for cleaning my brass pieces. 

*After polishing with a sunshine polishing cloth, use a soft toothbrush, warm water & a tiny bit of dawn dish soap to remove the polishing compound.  

Please always feel free to reach out with any questions you may have regarding jewelry care!